The BERTO GROUP offers comprehensive transportation solutions for businesses. It provides various packages of services of long-term lease, which enable to eliminate limitations connected with distribution. Ensuring an optimal value for money, the Berto Group manages the logistics in clients’ companies, making it easier for them to focus on key areas of their business.

  • We work with your employees in the distribution process, at the same time taking over duties and ensuring management that is fully respectful of people and social legislation.
  • We purchase your fleet of vehicles and guarantee necessary technical inspections.
  • We optimize your operations and improve the productivity of vehicles.
  • Berto Poland specializes in the management and financing of fleets of utility vehicles of various brands


  1. We will eliminate the limitations in your management of people and equipment.
  2. You will benefit from an immediate cash return, which will improve the financial standing of your business.
  3. Higher efficiency and less working time, so that you can focus on core areas of your business.
  4. You will retain control over distribution and relations with clients.


  • Tailored projects
  • Maintenance, assistance with vehicles, intermediation
  • Technical and administrative inspections
  • Fuel management
  • Built-in computer systems


  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Safety
  • Dedicated employees
  • Management of human resources and administrative matters