BERTO Poland offers long-term, short-term, and mid-term lease solutions (0,5 – 24 tons), including transports in controlled temperature, providing comprehensive options that for your development plans. This implies:

  • A dedicated employee, whose main task is to ensure professional cooperation.
  • With our resources, we are able to transport almost everything – including food transport, medication transport or refrigerated transport in general
  • Our experience in night deliveries, also in cooperation with DHL allows us to guarantee even daily arrivals for supermarkets, drugstores, hospitals and wholesales


The transport of pharmaceutical products requires particular conditions. We offer:

  • Experience
  • An excellent knowledge of procedures defined by the polish law
  • Practices in harmony with the pharmaceutical law and the « Good Practices of distribution » (Dobra Praktyka Dystrybucyjna) (decree of the Ministry of Health, 26th July 2002)


Our fleet of vehicles includes isothermal trucks and cooler trucks. This allows us to propose:

  • Services of drug transports, food transport, cosmetic transport and also other products, requiring specific transport conditions
  • Performances in agreement with not only national norms, but European as well


We transport mostly food and drugs, but also accept package sending and unusual orders. We realize:

  • Refrigerated transports of different scales, from 0,5 to 24 tons
  • A professional standard of service to clients
  • Experience in terms of handling catering services